Alternative to plastic discount cards

Loyalty programs with plastic discount cards are getting more and more popular but with the growth of their popularity additional difficulties arise both for customers and vendors. That’s why an alternative to discount cards was offered – discount aggregator apps.

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At first glance plastic cards seem not to be expensive to produce, but total value of the full loyalty program includes not only cards purchasing and for vendor it is significantly high. Apart from the money spent for plastic discount cards production, this includes the cost of program support, the price of scanner, the cost of bulk SMS messaging about sales promotions and working hours of an employee who supports database of discount cards owners.

All these costs can be minimized by joining Spadoba – an alternative to plastic cards which helps to quickly create and analyze loyalty programs, inform customers and maintain customers database.


It takes considerable time to implement any loyalty program because you need to find plastic cards manufacturers, purchase equipment, prepare design, implement business-processes connected with customers database support etc.

If any aspect of the loyalty program won’t suit business owner, you must start all over again. For example, to change discount program for bonus one, you will have to produce cards again, change payroll system and inform customers about modification of conditions. Spadoba makes this process easier and faster: you can configure, implement and start using the loyalty program in just a few hours.

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Loyalty program for customer is an easy and convenient way of purchasing. When discount cards haven’t been so popular and widespread, those who had it was considered especially wealthy and discount card was a marker of status. However, today almost every shop offers its cards and at some points their number becomes critical. Now plastic cards annoy more than make your life easier and more convenient.

Spadoba changes everything because now people don’t leave their houses without mobile phone so there is no chance to go without discount. Vendors will also learn the difference as manual customers data collection is no longer needed and they won’t have to overpay for bulk SMS messaging.


Generally-accepted method of providing information to customers is bulk SMS messaging. Bulk SMS messaging is aimed to return customers but most often it is perceived as spam and could result in backlash. Spadoba makes the interaction with customers easier and more convenient as information is sent in the form of push-notifications and news feed in the app.

Moreover, messages may be supplemented with pictures and efficiency of publications may be monitored. Customer always has his favorite shop contacts and if its address changes, he will be immediately informed.

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Why Spadoba?

For vendor:

  • Easy and cheap to implement and configure
  • Effective channel of communication with customer
  • Always comprehensive and relevant customers database

For customer:

  • One app instead of all discount cards
  • Up-to-date information about special offers
  • You receive new discount card immediately

Loyalty programs with plastic cards have long proved their effectiveness but they obviously became obsolete and now there are new high-tech solutions. Spadoba will help to avoid additional expenses and get satisfied regular customers.